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See Muskoka Through Our Eyes

Annual Traditional Powwow


Our Tradition, Culture & Celebration

Join the Powwow

Powwow Committee

These volunteers have committed their time and energy to make Muskoka's first annual traditional Powwow a historic and memorable event. Our committee is dedicated to education, reconciliation, and creating a welcoming event for all to enjoy.


Christopher Stock

Wahta Mohawk Territory

Learn more about Christopher through

A Journey Begins

Tsi Tiotáhsawen Tewahtén:ti


Lynda Nicholson

Algonquins of Pikwakangan First Nation

Jacqualeen Beaver

Six Nations of the Grand River

Kevin Hennessy

Rama First Nations


Delores McKay

Mattagami First Nation

CEO Parry Sound Friendship Center

Elder, Knowledge Keeper, Ancient Seed Carrier & Former Chief

The annual Powwow is a celebration of our traditions, a reflection of our culture, and a time to honour our heritage. This gathering brings us together in unity, strength, and harmony.

Experience the Spirit of the Powwow

 Powwow Schedule

See Muskoka Through Our Eyes is the first annual traditional Powwow to be held in Muskoka. The event is held over two days at Annie Williams Park, Bracebridge, a traditional trading route alongside the Muskoka River, to connect with our Indigenous ancestors.

5:15 am

Gates Open to Public

All are welcome for Sunrise Ceremony


5:34 am

Sunrise Ceremony


6:30 am

Water Carrier Blessing 

8 am

Powwow Fully Opens

9 am - 12 pm

Knowledge Sharing Series 

See "Event Details" for speaker information

12 pm

Drum Roll Call

12:30 pm - 1:30

Grand Entry 

12:30 pm - 5 pm

Traditional Powwow, Intertribal Dances could include

Tiny Tots

Womans Fancy Shawl

Men's Grass Dance

Golden Age

Women's Traditional 

Men's Fancy

Crow Hop

Women's Jingle Dress

Men's Traditional


Snake Dance

Round Dance

Hoop Dance

Smoke Dance

6 pm - 7 pm

Dinner Break

7 pm - 10 pm

Iroquois Social - ALL ARE WELCOME!

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